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Prevention Program

The Porter on Violence book club prevention program has eight components:

    1. Writing, publishing, promotion, and marketing books related to violence and violence prevention.
    2. We conduct seminars and workshops under our “Nonviolent Study Guide: with 500 School of Human Dignity Life Lesson Principles and Quizzes.
    3. We conduct book signings and “meet the author” events.
    4. We have an organized conversational-lecturers bureau, which provides lectures for institutions and groups. These presentations are usually related to chapter themes in Dr. Porter’s book especially, our flagship book, Autobiography of Black Male Violence. Currently, for 2009-2010 A.D. our professional conversational lecture fees start with our leader and main author Rev. Dr. John R. Porter. He is backed up by the excellent team of Mr. John T. Porter, Marketing Director and Rev. Dr. Julia Porter Maddox, Agent/ Publicity.  Porter on Violence fees are related to both the financial capability and size of an institution. Major institutions are charged from $1,000 dollars to $5,000. Smaller institutions are charged from $300 to $1,000 dollars. Indigent organizations with limited financial resources may only be charged transportation costs. Also, there are some 6-8 trained speakers and readers with the Porter on Violence Book Club; their fees range from $50-$1000 dollars depending on the organization’s financial capability and the distance we have to travel to and from. We appear on a first come, first served agreement (written) basis. Make checks out to Porter on Violence. Your check may take 5-7 days to clear. If inclement weather forces us to cancel a scheduled appearance, our office will reschedule the appearance at another time convenient for both of us. However, we do not refund the 15% start up fee because it goes into our preparatory and printing expenses for your event. Again you may e-mail Porter on Violence book club at, and request “An Appearance Agreement.” You should order copies of “Autobiography of Black Male Violence: A Personal Critique of Episodic Male Violence in America” by Rev. John R. Porter at your local bookstore. It may take a week or two for Porter on Violence Book Club to print copies of this book and get them to you or to local bookstores. If you’re in or near metropolitan Chicago, you may purchase autograph copies of Autobiography of Black Male Violence by advanced arrangements.
    5. We assist local churches and neighborhood groups in organizing nonviolent marches, protests, and local “Victims of Violence Support Sessions and Male Mentoring Sessions.” We encourage students and youth to write to their churches and public officials “on how we can stop the violence and shootings.” We help neighborhoods and churches to organize “Victims of Violence Marches” where we gather at the spots where violence has occurred and perform a ritual of planting a rose bush and a cross in honor of the deceased loved one. A leader leads those gathered in a Libation ritual where the names of deceased loved ones are called out.
    6. We conduct local readings from Dr. Porter’s book for local libraries, schools, and agencies. We simply ask the hosting group to preorder at least 20 or more copies of Dr. Porter’s classic book, Autobiography of Black Male Violencein advance of our appearance. We’re open to media presentations (i.e., radio, television, cable, Internet, etc.) We initiate dialogue with local newspaper editorial boards and/or their book reviewers. It is always helpful if members of the hosting group read the book and ask questions of the author related to themes in the book.
    7. We assist promising writers whose interests are primarily in dealing with problems associated with violence and violence prevention.
    8. We are developing a special seminar for Black males and other males under the rubic of “Pocket-Pool Monologue.” Please check the Schoolboy Bully chapter questionnaire (which is in the “A Nonviolent Study Guide: with 500 School of Human Dignity Life Lesson Principles”) and there is also a copy of the Male sexuality questionnaire on this website. These separate study guide booklets will be available late fall 2009. These dialogical sessions deal with all aspects of male sexuality. Finally, we support legislation and public officials who advocate stronger gun control, violence reduction, and new paradigms, which generate positive self-esteem for Black males and other males. (Refer to Services & number 8 above)

These violent prevention initiatives are linked to the purposes and character of Dr. Porter’s book Autobiography of Black Male Violence: A Personal Critique of Episodic Male Violence in America.Readers need to purchase the book at this point in order to follow the dialogical question and answer quiz approach advocated by the Porter on Violence book club in order to deepen and assure that the reader and learner benefits from this journey with Dr. Porter (through the introductions and 18 chapters). As you read (Autobiography of Black Male Violence), you may want to receive credit or you may want to test yourself or others in terms of the Learning values of this book. If you decide to go deeper in your study of violence and nonviolence, you may want to purchase Dr. Porter’s companion study guide which is a separate booklet under the title, “A Nonviolent Study Guide: with 500 School of Human Dignity Life Lesson Principles and 20 quizzes.” This nonviolent study guide is composed of over 25 comprehensive questions and answers which cover every aspect of Autobiography of Black Male Violence. However, you need to purchase and read volumes one and two of Autobiography of Black Male Violence in order to take this deeper study plunge.